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In the current competitive world English is one of the most important languages for everyone. We through help students in English homework be it may be easy or article. Let’s look into one of the small article example that is written in correct English, the topic is workaholics in current age. People in business or in service or even government employees have some or the other motivation to work. Business houses wants to work to achieve better sales and net profit compared to the last years with the help of various planning and implementing the same. Person in service works to achieve sales target or the weekly or monthly reports targets to get better variables and incentives. Government employee work to help in the development of economy, by making various committees for infrastructure development, social development “etc”.

In the current economic situation companies survives only if it has right entrepreneur. Entrepreneur makes the plans by his innovative thinking and the plan is executed with the help of his or her employees. Employees in return get incentive along with fixed salary and entrepreneur gets better profit.  One thing in common thing is vision, thus they become workaholic to achieve that piece of success which, they ever dreamed off.

More the person works, more he is near to achieve his or her target. Targets can either be net profit for businessman, sales target or monthly reports target of service man or development of economy and society for politician or government employee. Therefore, person working day and night does not mean he or she does not have aim or vision, it is their aim and vision which drives them to become workaholic and achieve the targets and goals. Thus we saw the correct use of grammar in the article and exactly this is what we teach to our student.